In my work, time and simul­ta­nei­ty are main inte­rests. I like to res­pond to things I’ve seen, read, or dreamt, and that have been sto­red some­whe­re in my mind. These moments exist in a non-linear and asso­ci­a­ti­ve place, for­ming an archi­ve from which I work as a maker. Random dis­co­ve­ries are adop­ted and take me to unknown pla­ces in my head, like rooms that appear and dis­ap­pear, and often set my mind off in other direc­ti­ons.

In this pro­cess, I start orga­ni­zing the out­lines of my research with its arti­cu­la­ted and sub­jec­ti­ve restric­ti­ons. My latest work deals with these non-descrip­ti­ve pla­ces in my mind, where homa­ges to my heroes in art and lite­ra­tu­re, subtly emer­ge in a series of pho­to­graphs.

July 2020